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We started as KeyStrings Music back in 2008 as a small violin tutorial studio in Sampaloc, Manila. When we decided to expand our reach, we formalize KeyStrings as a formal music learning school in 2010 and eventually got their own space in 2012. There were a lot of hurdles that we have encountered but our advocacy for Music Education still remains.

Our Mission

Provide excellent music education for the community

through innovative platform and music production

Our Vision

In the coming years, the Philippines-based LikhAria Music Center will create students who excel at performance by providing a classic, cultural, and harmonious music community.

Core Values

Commitment - Discipline - Empowerment

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About LikhAria

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Our Founders

Ever since we started teaching, we dreamt of reaching more students to be able to share our music knowledge and skill to them. LikhAria is the fulfillment of this dream. We hope to be a channel of blessing to aspiring musicians and even to those who just want to perform for the sheer fun of it. 

Liza Besana & Jm Besana

About us
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Meet Our LikhAria Team

Liza Besana

Liza Besana

LikhAria Owner, Violin Teacher, Managing Director

Jm Besana

Jm Besana

Piano Teacher, Musical Director, Operations Manager

Join our LikhAria team

Be our LikhArian Staff, Join our team as we build our growing music community through Learn Play Create. Email us your resume

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