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Creative Memorable Music


Event Booking

We perform during Weddings, Debut, Birthdays, Corporate events, etc. Check our ensemble packages that will suit to your budget.

Duet or Trio

Our duet consists of Piano and Violin. Likewise, our trio consists of Piano, Violin and Cello. If our clients want some songs to be sung, our violinist or pianist can also sing 2-5 songs for the entire event. For clients with minimal budget for musicians, they opt for these packages.


Our quartet is the usual package most of our clients avail. Whether you want a Classical feel for your event, or an acoustic take of your favorite love songs and even party songs as well, we've got it for you.

Also, we have a wide range of repertoire especially for our String Quartet.

Quintet to Ensemble

If you want your event to be extra-grand, our quintet and full ensemble package will bring the best music for your event. You will have that 'orchestra' feel throughout your event. But it's not just the feel and ambience, we can also perform different genres of music through this setup.

Most of our previous clients who availed the Quintet and Ensemble packages gave us two thumbs up.

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KeyStrings Music Event

Creative. Memorable. Music

KeyStrings started performing in the wedding scene before the school started. They are one of those unnamed group who performs during weddings of their friends. After numerous wedding gigs, they have decided to adapt the school’s name as the name of their ensemble.

They are a mix of musicians from different conservatories and some from different bands and ensembles as well. Their diversity is not a hindrance in creating memorable music for your special occasion

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