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Play with the black & white keys.

Piano Program

Piano lessons for your kids!

  • Beginner to Advance Level

  • Individualized program with mixed-method of materials.

  • Focuses on overall piano technique and musical knowledge, including sight reading and ear training

  • Application of ensemble playing; either Classical or Pop band.

piano program

LikhAria Piano Coaches

Get to know your coaches who will guide you throughout your fun music journey!

*click the photo to know more about the teacher

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Teacher Christian

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Teacher Len

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Teacher Yani

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Teacher JM

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Teacher Liz

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Teacher Shelly

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How to Enroll

  • Choose a teacher for the course or instrument you want to study.

  • Schedule a session using the teachers' availability listed on the calendar.

  • You can pay for their service using a pay-per-session or subscription plan.

  • Book the remaining credit session from your Subscription Plan purchase.

  • Pay using Paypal or Xendit (e-wallets, direct debit, credit card, etc.)

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