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Welcome to LikhAria Music Collaboration, your ultimate platform to grow your music anytime, anywhere. Our innovative website offers you the best opportunities to collaborate and connect with like-minded individuals in the industry. It's time to take your music to the next level, and we're here to help!

  • Music Teachers

  • Music Merchant

  • Production Services

About the Program

The LikhAria website is a one-stop shop for students looking for music products and services who enjoy learning, playing, and creating music online or in person. It offers a range of educational materials, including lesson plans made by our music partners, online manuals, and instructional videos.

Through our web platform, the project seeks to promote teachers' music services, both in-person and online.
This will increase the effectiveness of leveraging the local markets for music teachers.


Our Collaborators Program is designed to help our partners promote their music services, digital and physical products, and instructional resources. We believe in fostering strong relationships between teachers, merchants, and consumers, and offer monetary support for project-based or profit-sale music programs, videos, and instructional resources, as well as music lesson materials. Join us today and let’s build a community of music enthusiasts that will support and grow your business.

Join forces with Collaborators Objective and tap into the power of our marketing and sale partnership program. We'll help you increase your sales and enhance your customer service relations, while also providing you with a range of exclusive benefits. From social media and online marketing advantages to opportunities to participate in events, recitals, and concerts, our program is designed to give your business a competitive edge. Contact us today to learn more.

Collaborators Package and Pricing

Computation of Earnings and Pay-out


Service or product Price = Initial pricing rate (COGS + mark up price for promo discount) + 30% mark up mark up = 12% promoters and patron share commissions + 18% admin share admin share = 5% tax + 5% pos fee + 8% marketing operations and income shares


Collaborator's Earnings Earnings = Service Price or Product Price - (mark up price promo for discount + 30% mark up)


Once the digital or physical fulfillment is completed, the earning pay out will be released once it is reflected in the bank. After the session is completed, pay-per-session will be issued. For a subscription-based service or in bulk. After it clears and reflects from the bank, 50% will be paid. The remaining 50% will be divided among the remaining sessions, and each completed session will receive payment.

Platform Provider: WIX


  • Students or client can access and avail our services and products, they can sign-up or log-in to LikhAria to experience its full likharia benefits

  • Staff and collaborators has own dashboard and features based on their roles and responsibilities from that can monitor their orders, invoices, booking calendars and reach out their students/client

  • Wix platform for staff and student/client is accessible both in browser and apps (android and apple)


  • Teachers must have a facility for online session such as laptop with proper sound equipment and camera

  • It must have decent place and music equipment and accessible to-go-to for onsite session both students place (home session service) or teacher's place

  • We will ensure our teachers and students safety and security for online, onsite, home service session and other music production services.

  • Merchant physical store or online store must comply for legitimacy and visibility.

  • Merchant has to verify the inventory of their physical and digital product. Orders fulfillment of products and goods will be process accordingly.

  • Terms and condition for safety and integrity of the product must properly observed. 


Agreement from Collaborator

  • Credentials for write up page (lesson service)

  • Summarize brief curriculum and lesson plan (for teacher)

  • Online music program (step by step)

  • Marketing Materials or infographics for Service Page, Product and Digital Catalog

  • Product or digital goods, details and specification (Merchant)

  • Blog or instructional videos

  • Teacher's pricing: Per Session, Subs plan, Subs plan re-load, Music Program, Shop items

  • Minimum pricing limitation for COGS: 1 hour service session 500PHP, Subs-plan per month 2000PHP, reload service session 250PHP, Music Program (N/A), Shop (N/A), Blog and Videos (N/A), Ticket (N/A)

  • After sale service, fulfillment of warrantee and guarantee will be done by merchant collaborator

  • The fulfillment of services and products is highly observed. Collaborators will be held responsibility for any unfulfilled services or products, and will be dealt with accordingly.

  • Production services are required to arrange the bookings for the schedule and location of the performances, practice spaces, and other necessary technical equipment.

Agreement from LikhAria

  • Full assistance for teacher's branding for write up, Online Music Program, Blog, etc.

  • Admin for bookings, point of sale, order fulfillment, line-communications for CSR

  • 30% mark up from all particular collaborators pricing rates.

  • Session service: In the event that the student or client purchases a premium membership plan, we will pay 500 PHP per hour or 250 PHP per 30 minute session. If a home session service has been booked, the student will pay an additional transportation allowance.

  • All of the collaborators' data and information will be handled securely.

  • Should the collaborators and LikhAria decide to end the partnership. Clearance from any transaction for both parties must be appropriately consolidated.

  • In the event that the collaborator decides to terminate their partnership with LikhAria, service fee refunds may be given within 30 banking days if there are no sales for 60 days after the free trial period. Otherwise, the partnership between parties will sustain and there will be no refund to issue. Or so, consolidation for clearance will push through to end the partnership.


The agreement between LikhAria and Collaborator may differ or be subject to modify, depending on the final signed deal.

Collaborate now!

By clicking the button below, you are taking part in our collaboration program. We will be having a series of meetings to finalize our terms.

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