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Partnership Program

Looking for a way to show your love for music and earn some great rewards at the same time? Our partnership program has got you covered! By supporting music services, digital goods, and merchandise, you can earn discounts, sales commissions, and net-profits. Join us today and let's make some beautiful music together!

Click "Start Here" to get the process begin on your partnership journey.

Click the "activities" button to participate and take part in the partnership.

To start tracking your sales commissions and stay updated on your progress, simply log in or sign up for the Dashboard.

Partner with us!

How to be a partner

  • Purchase a Partnership Plan

  • Signup with the Dashboard or ask a friend for a sign-up referral link.

  • Select the Program, complete it, and embark on your partnership journey.

  • Involve in a Community of partners through group hub.

Our Promoter

Meet our Promoter and receive guidance to become a Protégé; if you are a Patron, learn about all of the opportunities to support the program and projects. If you are interested in becoming a promoter, this is your opportunity.

  • Available Online


    Read More

    30 min

    300 Philippine pesos

Our Patron

Thanks for supporting LikhAria's projects and proteges! Your patronage helps us create meaningful work. We're grateful for your generosity and look forward to sharing our progress with you.

Partnership Online Program

A comprehensive set of tasks to ensure success in the partnership program. This is for the patron-influencers, promoters, and LikhAria.

Protege's Benefits

  • LikhAria Partnership Tier Earned Loyalty Points and Redeemed Reward 

  • 10% Sales Commissions on referred service and products

  • Partnership Guide like after-sale and music lesson tasks from Agent Promoter

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